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ISCG. A Team. Its ability. Talent. Potential. Time. Knowledge. Skills. Pursuits. Challenges. Curiosity. Abilities. Passion. Vision. Cooperation. Complementarity. Information. Exchange. Ambition. Focus. For each of you. For you yourself.



Information technology is expected to serve. As best as it can. As much as possible. As it should. Optimally. IT is for corporations. For public administration. For infrastructure. For industry. For offices. For cities. For companies. For people. IT is for you. IT must develop. Help to control. Manage. Support. Expedite. Facilitate. Imperceptibly. Efficiently. Securely. Firmly. Ceaselessly. Today. Tomorrow. In future. That`s what we believe. That`s why we exist. That`s why we are here.



Things are made from scratch. Invented. Created. Implemented. Set in motion. Working. Creative and ambitious. Helpful. Needed. Indispensable. Thanks to passion. Knowledge. Experience. Vision. Dreams. Thanks to us. That`s us. Initiators. Leaders. The Management Board.


Sales and Marketing Director. Co-founder and co-owner of ISCG. Graduate of Lublin University of Technology. Engineering applications in computer science. MBA. Systems Engineer. Leadership psychologist. APP. HB ICAN. Total Selling. Social Psychology. Master Class of Management. Expert in infrastructure and security projects. Analyst. Consultant. Public Sector. Financial Sector. Energy Sector. Military Sector. Leading Microsoft Trainer. Speaker. Runner. Traveler. Explorer. Extreme sports.

Marcin Balun


Research and Development Director. Technical Director. Co-founder and co-owner of ISCG. Krakow University. Physicist. Astronomer. Best Microsoft Trainer 2001 in Poland. Founder of ISCG Project Department. Responsible for Microsoft technology implementation in Poland. Responsible for key ISCG projects. Ministries. Finance. Energy Sector. Ministries responsible for military and law enforcement. Microsoft Cloud 9,10 Security and cloud solutions expert. Explorer. Diver.

Piotr Olszewski


Strategic Customers Director. Co-founder and co-owner of ISCG. University of Warsaw. One of the first MCSE systems engineers in Poland. Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). Initiator and creator of innovative training courses and seminars based on Microsoft technologies. Business solutions advisor for the financial and manufacturing sectors. Advisor for customers who appreciate professionalism and a human approach to work. Cyclist. Cross-country skier. Loves hiking with family.

Jarosław Rosa


Finance and Administration Director. Warsaw University of Technology. Production engineer. Initiator, co-founder and co-owner of ISCG. Applications architect. Systems developer. Honored by Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center. Microsoft Trainer. Several years of experience in IT. Responsible for projects in the public sector. Skier. Traveler.

Grzegorz Bajor



We create value. Optimally. We find solutions. Proven ones. The best. Addressing needs. Interests. Specifics. We modify. We adjust. We connect. Or create. From start. We design. We test. We implement. We supervise. We maintain. That`s how we build trust. Position. Growth. Success. Of our customers. Of our partners. Ours.



Integrated. Quality. ISO 9001:2008. ISO/IEC 27001:2005. RUP. SCRUM. PMI. PRINCE 2. ITIL. CMMI. COBIT.







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