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Ivanti EPM can be configured as Patch Management tool. Configuration steps are described[1]. Before using a configuration dialog “Download updates” SQL table “Patch” is empty. EPM has no idea about patches and their location:


When “Download updates” dialog is configured and Core server can communicate with configured “patch server” (landesk.com domain), this table is filled with data[2].


You can exctract host names from URLs, using the following SQL query

        WHEN URL like ‘http://%’ THEN ‘HTTP’
        WHEN URL like ‘https://%’ THEN ‘HTTPS’
        WHEN URL like ‘ftp://%’ THEN ‘FTP’
        ELSE ‘unknown’
        END as URLPrefix
        WHEN URL like ‘http://%’ THEN LEFT(REPLACE(URL,’http://’,”),PATINDEX(‘%/%’,REPLACE(URL,’http://’,”))-1)   WHEN URL like ‘https://%’ THEN LEFT(REPLACE(URL,’https://’,”),PATINDEX(‘%/%’,REPLACE(URL,’https://’,”))-1)
        WHEN URL like ‘ftp://%’ THEN LEFT(REPLACE(URL,’ftp://’,”),PATINDEX(‘%/%’,REPLACE(URL,’ftp://’,”))-1)
        ELSE ‘unknown’
        END as ExtractedHost

        FROM patch
WHERE Download = 1 and SupercededByVulID is NULL AND URL is NOT NULL AND URL <> ”

Results are similar to:



These hosts should be available for EPM Core Server to download patch binaries correctly.


[1] https://forums.ivanti.com/s/article/How-to-Get-Started-with-EPM-Patching?language=en_US

[2] https://forums.ivanti.com/s/article/LANDESK-Security-and-Compliance-Manager-List-of-URL-sources-for-downloaded-patches-5-Dec-2017?language=en_US

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