We keep your business secure by implementing security into your
peoples, process and systems


We protect, we detect, we respond.

Our services includes:

  • Creating and efficient enforcing of security policies
  • Information and systems risk analysis
  • Security audit of information management system
  • Systems Security Audit
  • Implementing of server systems security path management system
  • Implementing of workstations security path management system
  • Implementing of public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • Implementing of strong authentication for local and mobile users
  • Implementing of privileged accounts management
  • Implementing of complete workstations protection – Anti Virus, Anti Malware etc.
  • Implementing of DeepSecurity servers protection – Anti Virus, Anti Malware, virtual patching etc.
  • Implementing of mobile devices encryption and protection
  • Implementing and enforcing of data classification system and DLP system
  • Implementing and enforcing mobile workstations protection – bitlocker disk encryption etc.
  • Implementing of Identity Management System
  • Implementing of Security Monitoring System – SIEM
  • Implementing of Azure AD security system
  • Security patrolling – Security system support

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