Maintain relationships with your clients with GFI Unlimited

Due to the fact that the SME software market is evolving, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on client retention by providing more and more cost-effective services.


Demand for the latest technologies among small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) is constantly changing. Effective operation, acquisition and maintenance of new investments become more and more complex for your growing clients. To cope with these changes, it is necessary to be supported by an increasing amount of business software, which must be obtained despite many difficulties such as limited budgets or complicated methods of providing services by suppliers.


GFI Unlimited is an innovative program that offers a clearly defined access path to your software and enables you to build longer relationships with your clients. It’s a perfect solution for a new level of scalability and flexibility.


How does GFI Unlimited work?

One subscription gives you access to all products – the GFI Unlimited license is activated for a single user or single workstation. For example, 20 subscriptions can be used by 20 users and with GFI Unlimited they have access to all the solutions provided.


What solutions does it include?

GFI Unlimited offers a comprehensive and growing portfolio of network and communication security solutions. The current offer of GFI Unlimited includes:



GFI LanGuard


Automated internal network security scanner, software threat detection and patch management for systems and applications in Windows, Mac OS and Linux environments.
GFI WebMonitor


Control over network activity and protection against threats. This solution allows you to monitor the activity of your employees in the network, manage transfers, block categorized websites and downloaded files in real-time.
GFI Archiver


This application allows you to archive files, folders, calendar entries and e-mails in a safe, fast and secured archive. The solution communicates with IMAP mail servers and allows you to import data from pst
GFI MailEssentials


With this solution you can block spam and protect your network against email threats. Multiple filter engines and five antivirus engines increase the level of security of the mail server.
GFI FaxMaker


A fax server replacing the old technology of analog and ISDN devices. You can send faxes using your e-mail client with the “email-to-fax” technology by using the numbers saved in your address book and receive faxes directly to your e-mail inbox.
GFI EndPointSecurity


Network protection against threats in mobile devices. Protect your company’s data against theft and block the access of the selected workstation to portable storage devices.
GFI EventsManager


Manage a centralized log of events to detect automatically any irregularities in the logs of servers and network devices. Full monitoring allows better insight into your IT infrastructure and helps to prevent illegal access to your network infrastructure.
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