Advanced DLP software for Microsoft Teams!

We present advanced DLP software for Microsoft Teams!


The DLP (Data Loss Prevention) AgatSoftware – SphereShield software is a real-time solution to control all the data exchanged in MS Teams: messages, files and sounds in voice calls.


SphereShield is a unique solution that has a real-time audio detection function that allows you to detect words and then, according to the user’s configuration, immediately block communication or trigger an alarm. This feature is crucial due to the fact that a lot of sensitive information is often exchanged in meetings and during conversations.


DLP SphereShield also prevents sensitive data from being sent to the cloud or directly to external users in real time. As a result, you can control all the information and data shared by the users.



SphereShield provides you with:


✔ Real-time or near real-time data control; control of new and existing data.

✔ On-site protection of your organisation’s sensitive data by scanning existing and new content.

✔ DLP inspection with the built-in SphereShield engine or existing DLP infrastructures of other leading DLP providers.


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