Advanced protection with Cloud App Security


Trend Micro™ CLOUD APP SECURITY™ is a solution of an advanced data protection against threats for Microsoft Office 365, Gmail and cloud file-sharing services.


When using corporate cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Box, and Dropbox, you need to keep them secure more than ever before. The applications themselves are delivered in a secure way but you are responsible for the security of the information stored.


What are the risks?
  • 94% of ransomware attacks and over 90% of targeted attacks begin with an email.
  • Global losses as a result of BEC (Business Email Compromise) attacks in 2018 exceeded $12 billion and cost an average of $160,000 per incident.
  • Employees, partners, and clients who have remote access to data can share malicious files by accident using cloud file sharing services.
  • The security features in Office 365 (E3 and below) are designed to detect well-known malware but more than 95% of malware is unknown.
  • The potential risk and costs are too high to be satisfied with basic security features that only protect against a small percentage of available threats.


Trend Micro Cloud App Security protects your incoming and internal Office 365 and Gmail emails against advanced malware and other unknown threats.


Cloud App Security provides compatibility and full performance of other cloud file-sharing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint Online, and Microsoft OneDrive for Business.


It integrates directly with Office 365, Gmail, and other services using APIs, while retaining all user functions without the need to redirect e-mails or configure a proxy server.


What does the Cloud Security App provide?
  • Protects Office 365, Gmail e-mails and other cloud file sharing services.
  • Detects malware hidden in Office file formats or PDF documents.
  • Due to artificial intelligence, it identifies Business Email Compromise attacks.
  • Protects internal email and allows mail store on-demand scanning.
  • Provides insight into confidential data when using cloud file sharing services.
  • Retains all user functions on any device thanks to simple API integration.

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