Strengthening Cybersecurity with a Robust PKI Infrastructure

Customer Sitution

Our client, a leading state-owned transmission system operator in Poland, is responsible for providing electricity transmission services and ensuring the secure and cost-effective operation of the Polish Power System while meeting the conditions of synchronous operation with other European systems. Additionally, the customer is entrusted with the necessary development of the domestic transmission grid, cross-border interconnections, and technical infrastructure for the operation of the domestic wholesale electricity market.

Partner Solution

We conducted a comprehensive assessment of PKI requirements and designed a new PKI service based on Microsoft ADCS 2016. Creating CP & CPS documents, we proceeded with the installation and configuration of an HSM cluster for storing CA & ICA keys. Roles and responsibilities for CA and key management were defined. The PKI hierarchy was implemented, including an offline Root CA and 2 Issuing CAs with Key Ceremony procedures execution. To ensure high availability, we implemented a repository Http Server & LDAP for CDP (CRL distribution Point) and deployed an HSM, CA’s, CRL, and certificate monitoring solution.

Key Drivers & Business Objectives

The client faced the challenge of securing their widely distributed IT infrastructure, which included numerous network devices, IoT devices, users’ workstations, servers, and applications. They sought a strong, reliable, and user-friendly security foundation to support their growing IT infrastructure. Additionally, they needed to meet highly demanding security requirements imposed by external regulations.

Value Provided & Business Outcomes

The project resulted in a well-defined PKI system with established people, process & technology to manage the PKI infrastructure. Through the consolidation and removal of redundant ICAs, the client achieved a reduction in infrastructure and maintenance costs. Additionally, we provided auditors with the necessary information for PKI audits and enabled support for new digital certificate demands, such as MDM, VPN, and IoT requirements. The issuance of valid certificates for existing internal-facing web apps and a valid certificate chain were accomplished successfully.

Win Insights

Our collaboration empowered the client to achieve a robust and secure PKI infrastructure, fulfilling stringent security requirements and regulations. The streamlined PKI management processes and advanced monitoring capabilities enhanced the overall cybersecurity posture, ensuring reliable and protected operations.

Lessons Learned

The project demonstrated the significance of meticulous planning and adherence to industry standards in implementing a complex PKI solution. The successful consolidation and centralization of the PKI infrastructure underscored the importance of efficient resource management and maintenance cost reduction. Moreover, the experience reaffirmed the value of continuous monitoring and proactive management to meet evolving security demands effectively.