Enhancing Security and Confidentiality: How the Largest Polish Law Firm Implemented Microsoft Intune for Their Corporate Fleet of 400 Devices

Customer Sitution

The company is the largest of the Polish law firms. Since 1993 their experts have advised both Polish and foreign clients from almost all business sectors. They have currently 190 experts in various specializations.​ 9 practices and 40 specializations | Offices in Warsaw, Poznań & Wrocław​. Numerous recommendations and high positions in international rankings​. Over 90 countries in business relation network​. For reasons of confidentiality, security, and trust, the client invests in the best security and management technologies. In the case of our project, it was about management support and security for globally dispersed lawyers.

Partner Solution

The challenge was managing the involvement of highly skilled legal team members, who are recognized as top lawyers in the country and Europe, often available remotely. We needed to minimize their presence or training during the project and ensure uninterrupted work. Partner Solutions/Microsoft Services and Technology assisted us using Microsoft 365 and Intune.

To address this challenge, we conducted pre-implementation technical analysis with the customer IT team to gather information about technical and business requirements. We then configured Intune profiles, including Autopilot, ESP, and Domain Join, and confirmed proper configuration. Temporary VPN access was provided for provisioning purposes.

In addition, we prepared technical documentation and provided training for administrators to effectively manage the system. By leveraging Microsoft 365 and Intune, we minimized the involvement of our legal team while achieving project goals. The partnership with Partner Solutions/Microsoft Services and Technology was essential in ensuring smooth operations and project success.

Key Drivers & Business Objectives

The company’s business objective was to be part of the high-standard audit regulations, ensuring the secure processing of information with the highest degree of confidentiality. To reduce the risks for users with lower IT knowledge, ensuring the highest standards without compromising functionality or impeding work.

Value Provided & Business Outcomes

  • Devices: 400​
  • Users: 400​
  • Learning materials for the end users​
  • The documentation provided to Administrators ​
  • Training ​

Business outcomes :​

  • Possibility to manage a corporate fleet of devices ​
  • Most of the security configuration for Android devices and iPhones was delivered. Security was increased. 

Win Insights

  • We tested several scenarios before we implemented Microsoft Intune in a production environment​
  • Microsoft Intune was implemented successfully and since that day is used as a management tool in DZP​
  • Microsoft Intune has been deployed on the whole devices fleet.

Lessons Learned

  • Every Corporation that is giving their employees mobile devices for work purposes needs to ensure that on devices are going to be installed only applications that are whitelisted​
  • DZP is a law firm that is operating with confidential documents. It’s necessary to maintain security at a high level. It’s essential to keep customers’ data secured. That’s why such tools are needed.