Adoption and Change Management

Customer Sitution

The customer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flexible packaging. With 8,550 employees (as of May 2022), they manufacture tailor-made packaging solutions at multiple sites around the globe. Many international companies and local market leaders from the consumer, personal & home care, and pharma industries choose the sustainable and innovative products offered by this customer.

Partner Solution

The client has successfully migrated its core business to Microsoft 365. To prepare for this complex project, ISCG created migration and deployment plans for each system or service. Training was conducted for leaders and administrators to support their employees in adopting the new environment. ISCG continues to provide technical support for the activities carried out by our support team. The project involved migrating on-premises business applications to SharePoint Online and integrating Microsoft Teams, Power BI, and Azure Logic Apps with SharePoint Online, which significantly improved the client’s business processes. Throughout the entire adoption process, ISCG provided support and training not only to system administrators but also to end users through our support team. The client’s requirement for continuous access to a modern working environment was successfully met with the migration to Microsoft 365.


Key Drivers & Business Objectives

The Client has started the process of migrating its systems to Office 365. The project has been divided into phases and each Office 365 service is being separately implemented for the entire group. In the project, one of the key elements to design and launch was simplification for business users to access the services, a single identity, and strong authentication. Other key business drivers that were identified:
•Increase productivity and end-user satisfaction
•Lower operational cost
•Lower time of solution delivery for the end user
•Increase the security level
•Ability to quickly react to market changes and business needs.

Value Provided & Business Outcomes

  • Users covered by project 8500,
  • Easy and Security access to internal and cloud environment
  • Training for IT and for the users
  • After transformation client can quickly deploy new solutions to all employees based on centralized Office 365 infrastructure and SharePoint 
  • Using the Office 365 Teams platform End Users can quickly communicate and collaborate in project teams. All data are stored in SharePoint Online
  • All migrated users are using a standardized platform tailored to specific business needs.
  • Lowered operational cost by 14%
  • During migration, the Client had an opportunity to modify business processes which became more efficient and easier to control thanks to PowerBi reports.

Win Insights

•Microsoft 365 was chosen because it was the easiest to implement,
•Strong authentication mechanism was introduced to end users,
•Cloud application access is more secure in comparison to the previous on-prem access,
•Service availability is higher than any on-prem infrastructure
•As always international, global projects are specific and have more time-consuming base on local requirements.

Lessons Learned

•Communication of the change management is the key to global projects,
•Changes in adoption should be preceded by an awareness campaign,
•Implementing the such solution is a great innovative advantage in terms of security benefits but can be challenging for end user.