Driving Environmental Protection and Compliance: Microsoft Intune Deployment at a Leading Bank in Poland

Customer Sitution

The company specializes in supporting undertakings and activities contributing to environmental protection. As of 2015, the client allocated approximately 3,5 billion USD for the financing of ecological projects. ​  Background: Among the 20 largest banks in Poland, the leader in green energy investments ​Size: 1200 employees.

Partner Solution

Implementation of Microsoft Intune helps organizations manage devices and enforce policies. We began with a solution-oriented workshop, followed by pre-implementation analysis with the customer’s IT team. A pilot implementation was done for a test group, and after validation, we deployed to a wider user base. We provided technical documentation and administrator training. Partner Solution: Microsoft Intune, Information Protection, Office 365, Conditional Access.

Key Drivers & Business Objectives

The company business objective was to fit into a high standard audit regulations covering latest changes to GDPR/RODO. The audit is carried out by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) and failing to comply this procedure would mean the bank cannot operate in the regulated financial sector. By introducing Microsoft Intune the client  wanted to provide a solution that will allow users to manage devices and policies accross whole organization.

Value Provided & Business Outcomes

  • Devices: 900​,
  • Users: 900​,
  • Learning materials for the end users​,
  • The documentation provided to Administrators, ​
  • Training, ​

Business outcomes :​

  • Possibility to manage a corporate fleet of devices. ​
  • Most of the security configuration for Android devices and iPhones was delivered. Security was increased. 

Win Insights

  • We tested 10 scenarios before we implemented Microsoft Intune in production environment.
  • Microsoft Intune has been deployed on most our Client’s devices.

Lessons Learned

  • Microsoft Intune can be fast delivered and implemented in organizations which got a large number of mobile devices and laptops that are used for work by employees ​
  • Microsoft Intune can make it easier for admins to manage apps and devices by configuring policies and rules​.