Ivanti Security Controls Console setup without Internet access

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Ivanti Security Controls is a Path Management tool for systems and applications. Console and database server setup are typical steps for preparing this Path management tool. The Ivanti Security Controls console can be installed without Internet access.

Some system prerequisites (they can be downloaded, using links listed by Ivanti Security Controls documentation https://help.ivanti.com/iv/help/en_US/isec/94/Topics/Getting_the_prerequisites.htm) must be installed manually before the console setup.


It is useless to click Install button. These components must be installed first manually.

The following command must be run (using a machine connected to Internet) to download required setup components:

IvantiSecurityControls.exe /layout:OfflineFiles

After downloading files a subfolder OfflineFiles must be copied to a server dedicated for console setup.

When Ivanti Security Controls setup confirm the prerequisites installed, another window is presented:


All offline files must be downloaded before and copied to a subfolder DataFiles.


Setup process runs typically, database access (SQL Server or SQL Express) must be chosen.


After setup process completion, the software product is installed, but cannot be run without activation process.

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