Hidden Folder inside monitoring console


When you create a Management Pack from the Operations Manager console, you get a folder with the same name as the name of the MP you created:


The Management Pack created in this way is writable (XML). You can place performance charts or other presentation objects inside the created folder

However, when a sealed Management Pack (prepared in an analogous manner e.g. using Visual Studio) is imported into the console, there is no trace of the folder:


There is the same folder inside Management Pack code:


This folder (inside sealed Management Pack) can be referenced using another Management Pack containing Views, performance charts and similar presentation objects.


It can be noted here that “Subfolder” no longer contains the characteristic padlock – it is defined in the writable MP. In an analogous way, you can, “append” the necessary views to an existing tree of folders and presentation objects from a sealed Management Pack.

For such a reference to be effective, certain conditions must be met:

  1. Management Pack <References> section must contain entry for Management Pack with the parent folder:

A child object (e.g. subfolder) should be defined with parent folder with folder identifier, preceded by the Management Pack alias in which it is defined:


From this moment, the Management Pack dependency list for „_Test Presentation Console SubFolder” includes a MP with parent folder defined („_Test Presentation Console Folder”):


If Management Pack „_Test Presentation Console Folder” should be removed, the MP „_Test Presentation Console SubFolder” must be removed first.


Dependencies prevent from leaving orphaned objects when the parent folder is removed.

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