Customer success story | Microsoft 365 at DZP law firm

Due to the implementation of Microsoft 365, more than 300 lawyers from the Domański, Zakrzewski and Palinka law firm have definitely improved their everyday work, while maintaining maximum protection of sensitive data.

The digital transformation on the market has had a profound impact. This also applies to law firms, which have been considered traditional and highly conservative businesses so far. Today, cloud technology is becoming an indispensable part of legal services by supporting not only everyday cooperation and communication with clients, but also ensuring automation of processes such as ordering, analyzing and describing documents. This is the cloud system that works in the background and gives us safe access to these tools. What's more, the implementation and use of the system in everyday work is extremely easy and intuitive.

Traditional tools vs. digital applications

Lawyers gained access to Microsoft cloud services, which are integrated with our telecommunications infrastructure. This solution allows lawyers to use Teams to call and talk with their clients. This communication mechanism is more profitable because we have reduced the costs to almost 50% compared to previous expenses.

The aim of the project was to create a platform that will enable efficient and safe work with documents, letters and files. The services of Microsoft 365 are currently used by 340 law firm employees, and the introduction of Azure Information Protection has created new possibilities for classification, protection and management of access to documents.

At first, we did not believe in the effectiveness of these mechanisms. Now, when we create documents in our electronic repository systems and make them available to clients using Azure Information Protection, the clients can view and edit them in a managed manner. We may revoke permissions to deal with a document at any time and have full control over it. We believed that this technology could be easy to use and, above all, useful. We have 100% control over documentation, even if we send it via traditional e-mail.

Safety first

“Virtual data room” is a solution that allows you to share work on documents with the law firm’s clients, which is particularly important in M&A processes. Currently, lawyers use links to their own virtual OneDrive disks, where file sharing can be done in a safe and controlled manner.

Microsoft Intune supports the office’s work in convenient and secure management of applications and mobile devices. It makes it possible to control the use of the devices used for everyday work, i.e. mobile phones, tablets and laptops. For greater security and comfort of device management, all updates are performed on a regular basis.

User convenience

During the pandemic, it turned out that older users adapted Microsoft Teams very quickly and even more efficiently than younger users. If a lawyer can easily upload a file to OneDrive, share a link with a client, and efficiently manage access rights to the file, it really proves that this technology is easy to use.

Cooperation with ISCG

Many IT heads are wondering if they still need the support of technological partners such as for example ISCG due to the fact that cloud services are so easy to implement. However, cooperation with ISCG is a huge benefit for us because the company has gained an extensive experience from various projects in different business entities. There is no more valuable knowledge than the practical knowledge of an experienced technological partner which understands the client's business and is able to be truly committed to provide value. This is what our cooperation with ISCG is like. We really appreciate the possibility of consulting the company in any problem, and even if we do not find a solution immediately, we always work out an effective and optimal solution by way of discussion. The role of ISCG as a technological partner is also important to me because the company inspires me in planning strategies for long-term technological changes at DZP. What is an invaluable value is the company’s over 20 years of experience in the area of Microsoft technology and more. I can say that without the company, DZP would not be such a technologically advanced company and our digital transformation would probably not be so effective.

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