Alior Bank


Alior Bank


3 months


Provide a strong and reliable method of authentication for users, systems and applications across the bank.


We decided to deploy Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as the foundation of the authentication in the Bank.
The well-designed PKI with Hardware Security Modules, Certificate Policy, Certificate Practice, the right procedures and appropriate key management processes allowed the Bank to lay a solid foundation for operational security.
We deployed the Microsoft Active Directory Certification Authority as the best suited to the Customer’s needs. All users were equipped with cryptographic smart cards.
Critical private keys were protected with a cluster of Thales network attached HSM.
We selected the Card Management System and smart cards supplied by Aladdin/Safenet/Gemalto.


Customer wins

  • Strong multi-factor user authentication.
  • Elimination of user password problems resulting in a significant reduction of service desk load and costs.
  • Strong authorization of the critical bank transactions.
  • Strong authentication of the infrastructure systems, applications and network devices.