This is the cloud. A world. Where the complexity of IT infrastructures. Of systems. Of programs. Of applications. Changes. Into simplicity of service.

Unlimited space. Filled with potential. Converting CAPEX to OPEX. Optimization. Growth. Creating value for businesses. And for organizations. Increasing profitability. Reducing costs.

Virtual infrastructure. Free of defects. Of complexity. Of complications. Of purchase costs. Of licenses. Of maintenance. Of upgrades. Of insufficient or surplus power. Of time-consuming implementations. Non-ageing. Always adequate.

IT rented, not owned. Scalable. Available. Measurable. Cost predictable. Innovative. Efficient. Easy to implement. Maintenance-free.

Pools of computing resources. Of networks. Of servers. Of storage. Of applications. Of security. Of services. Available on demand. Appropriately allocated. Released. Increased or decreased.





Private cloud


Own. Internal. Virtual. IT infrastructure. Created. Managed. Protected. From the level of company. Or organization. It works only. On. Its. Needs. Requires investment.

Public cloud


External. Available on request. Virtual IT infrastructure. Already in existence. Managed. Secured. By service provider. Freely scalable. Investment-free. Paid by subscription. Or as you go.

Hybrid cloud


Combination of own virtual resources with public resources. Own virtual infrastructure. Occasionally extended. By unlimited resources. Of public infrastructures. Fixed costs. Plus charges for use.



Software as a service.

Complete software package. Or only selected functions. Seamless. Unattended. Upgrades. Integrations. Scaling. Configurations. Delivered as a service.



Infrastructure as a service.

Equipment. Software. Service. Complete. Integrated. Scalable dynamically. Desktop virtualization. Tasks automation. Maintenance-free. Non-cost investment. Plug and play. Delivered as a service.



Platform as a service.

Renting. Complete environments. Complete solutions. Facilities. Applications relocation. Purchase costs and upgrades costs reduction. Possibility to develop own applications. Developing. Testing. Dislocation. Management. Hosting. Delivered as a service.



Security as a service.

Highest security level. Integrated. Existing and emerging risk monitoring. Logging monitoring. Anti-virus monitoring. Access control. Delivered as a service.